Thursday, September 17, 2009

Under construction

Our house is a mess. My husband recently just finished expanding our sons room - it's huge now and looks awesome, however, we had to take a closet out in order to make the changes. This means, that all the items that were once in the closet...are now all over our house waiting to be organized and put away. Sounds fact the organization has indeed been done, but heres a few problems.
1. Connor's clothes ,that he no longer wears, have been put in big containers and are waiting to be taken to our shed...alas...the matching lids are nowhere to be found.
2. Shelves that are needing to go up in Connors room, have yet to be painted. At this moment they sit on our deck. I have just finished cleaning them (for a third time) and am waiting for them to be painted and installed so that blankets, clothes and other item may be put in them.
3. We are redoing our bathroom this weekend, so a new sink, tube of linoleum and grout materials are also in the house causing it to look that much more cluttered.

sigh...I love that these things are being done, but I hate living in a state of disarray.

All this to say, as I looked around feeling frustrated in my space, I started to think about things in my life that are a complete shambles. My resentment for this town(most days), my longing for a deep and close friend, my dis-satisfaction for my body and my disappointment in myself for mistakes I have made and continue to make. How many things have I let pile up in my head or my heart that I just need to get rid of? There is a much so, that the thought of typing it all out tires me...but no more! I am resolved to start the process of cleaning. Every corner, every nook and cranny...heres to a renovated me!