Monday, May 30, 2011

Gettin better all the time...

Nothing seems quite so bad in the summer. I mean, minus bugs that bite and buzz, the pros FAR outweigh the cons.

- smells of barbecue
- flowers and trees in full bloom
- sun kissed cheeks and sun bleached hair
- no shoes
- tan lines
- sprinklers and bubbles
- sidewalk chalk and the pictures it makes
- warm nights where two can sit, sipping anything, and no words need be spoken.

Our transition to new town, new friends, new house has been going well. We are meeting people slowly and Dave is finding friends at work. The kids are enjoying the perks of a fenced in yard and are growing closer everyday. The scheming together has already started, and though I'm not sure sometimes what they are up to, I enjoy watching them bond.
I'm so ready to be finished with being pregnant. My body is just so done. Actually, for a few weeks now, I have constant popping/cracking in my pelvis/pubic bone - did anyone out there ever struggle with that? Very painful and makes moving quickly difficult. I'm sure my doubts are unfounded, but it makes me worry about delivery and whether those bones will hold up or not...I see my OB in 2 weeks, so hopefully he can address some of my concerns. Other than that, baby is moving LOTS and I have "dropped" quite significantly. I'm carrying so similar to how I was with Connor, that I think it may be a boy - but who knows?? It might be easier if it was a boy, because we are having a terrible time landing on the perfect name for a baby girl. :)
Some friends of mine from back home have just had babies and I'm so anxious to cradle a newborn again. Don't they smell amazing?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

some things...

- It seems we are as moved in as we can be for the moment. Pictures hanging, clothes in drawers, cupboards bulging are all good signs that this is "home" for now.
- I have misplaced my camera and therefore have no pictures of the house, Connor's 3rd b-day, or my immense stomach. Praying that it becomes found soon!
- My cousin is getting married this weekend in Wisconsin, and I am the only one not able to go. (My doctor cautioned me about being in a car for 35+ hours being 8 months pregnant.) It is so incredibly sad to miss...I wish them all the best and can't wait to see pictures/video when my family comes back!
- 33 weeks prego and I'm nowhere ready(mentally) to be the mommy of 3. Just lots has been going on and things are busy. Every once in awhile, it hits me and I zone out for a bit thinking of the pain, the joy, and the adjustment. SO HAPPY to have my mom and my sister(who will be visiting for a long time) close to help me.
- I'm missing my town and my friends quite a bit. Dave is meeting lots of new guys at work and thats great...but I'm at home with kids in a place where most social "Mom's groups" have shut down for the summer. We wander aimlessly to parks and often are the only family ya. Just feeling a bit of disconnect, but I know thats normal and it pass. Seeing friends this weekend will definitely pick me up a lot! :) Connor especially though, seems to notice the lack of "fwiends" in his life. Everytime we load up for a walk or drive, he asks, "See some kids Mom? Some fwiends?". Would appreciate prayers that he will meet some little people to help connect as well.

I think thats all for now. Hopefully will locate my camera and soon be able to share photos from our new life with you!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I didn't, but I did.

I didn't get a dozen roses delivered to my door.
I didn't get un-interrupted sleep the night before.
I didn't arise to find new jewellry, clothes or gifts.
I didn't find the house all clean to give my spirit a little "lift".
I didn't get a gourmet meal brought to me in bed.
Nor did I get hours by myself to relax and escape the dread.


Two sleepy faces greeted me and tugged me out of bed.
I felt the kicks inside myself and tousled messy heads.
I smelled the coffee brewing and heard my husband making toast.
I sat with no agenda and read some books (which I love the most!)
I took a lengthy shower, plucked my eyebrows, did my hair.
I opened up some cards and enjoyed how they did share,
A scribbled piece of paper that had been painted with such care.

We sat together as a fam and sang the hymns of old.
I pondered with amazement at the lessons being told.
I felt encouraged and renewed - my mind was peace.
"I know I'm far from perfect Lord, but your mercy does not cease."

It might not have been textbook or the way it "should be done",
But this Mother's Day it seems, that I'M the lucky one.

Happy Mothers Day!