Tuesday, September 14, 2010

...and they call it "puppy love"...

My brother recently got married and is it ever cute to watch the two of them interact. The loving looks, lots of touching(always PG of course) and the way all of their flaws and bad habits seem somehow "cute" to the other one.

The first time I heard my husband snore, I remember thinking, "Ah..he is so tired! How sweet!" Now he's lucky to get one small snort out before my elbow meets his rib in a firm, yet loving way. Ha...when does that change? How fast things can go from "cute" to "irritating" in those first few months.

They are so in love, so I know that even though the small things will become big and all of a sudden it's a big deal which side of the roll the toilet paper hangs down, they will get through it. They will become better for it and it will bring them closer. I'm so happy for them and excited to watch their love grow. :)
AH...young love!