Saturday, December 19, 2009

"I'm growing in front of you...!"

At this time of year with all the yummy goodies, snacks, huge meals and warm drinks - doesn't it make you so happy to eat? It sure does for me! Even when I'm not hungry, there is always something to snack on...and it always tastes so good! In our society, "they" will try and tell you that you shouldn't eat, shouldn't'll gain weight! You aren't quite as attractive if you have love handles or flabby arms. Maybe thats true. Maybe "they" are right? I don't NEED to eat as often as I do, and I certainly don't NEED most of what I consume. It's a treat. But from one woman to another (or man if you are reading this) I love it! I love eating! :) ...just try and stop me...

Baby weight loss has been put on hold this holiday season and calories here I come! :)

(If you happen to see me in January, please try to downplay your reaction to my physical appearance as this New Year will also bring a new workout regime!)

(It's Christmas...let me have my fun?)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

people who need people.
They're the luckiest people in the world..."

Sing it Barbara.

I'm one of those people. I love others. Love socializing. Love to be loved.
So knowing this about myself, now that ALL (thats right, I said ALL) of my social calendar has been put on hold until after the New Year, I find myself counting the hours of my day. Boredom? Not quite. Frustrated? Almost. Lonely? Bang on sister!
But the question is...why? Why do I let myself feel sorry for me and be lonely the whole day through? I could call someone...I could go to someone's house. I have friends that love me and care about me enough to make my day a little less what stops me? To be honest, most days it's vanity. I haven't showered or done my makeup...or my house is a disaster and I don't want someone thinking I can't handle my tiny little house. But some days, it goes a bit deeper. My head says "so-and-so doesn't want to spend time with you. What could you have to offer to the conversation anyways?" So I don't call. Don't invite.
How silly! I can't blame anyone but myself. Perhaps I sense a New Years Resolution to be more aggressively social? Or maybe this time is good for me. Maybe I'm just going stir crazy because it's winter and I haven't been outside in a while.
I feel cooped in.
I have no solution to this problem...just needed to finally write out my thoughts and how I'm feeling. I'm sure everyone has at one time, felt this way. My heart goes out to you. And if there is anyone who feels this way know where to find me. If you don't mind bedhead, dirty dishes and perhaps the odd un-covered pimple...come on over.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm not a bragger. I actually do the opposite and downplay most of the events of my life as "ordinary". However tonight it hit me...the urge to brag a wee bit on myself for one of my latest accomplishments!

Nov.16, 2009 - I gave birth to a healthy girl. At 7lbs. 10 oz., Sophie Jeanne came flying out of me and into our amazing doctors arms. Now I do need to clarify...when I say giving birth, I do of course mean a completely natural, drug free, 40 minutes of pushing birth experience! I DID IT! After my first son came via c-section, I was apprehensive and yes...terrified of the whole birthing hurts! But I did it! :) My husband was amazing at coaching me, the doctor and nurses were supportive and encouraging, and God was totally there giving me the energy and strength I needed to meet my precious daughter.

wow...what an experience.

o ya..and one more thing...she is breastfeeding awesome! :) It's so nice to know that my body works and is fulfilling it's purpose!

p.s - I would like to add that to most of you reading this, you have all given birth naturally and maybe this doesn't seem "brag worthy" to you. Apologies. I don't mean to at all downplay your birth stories or make mine seem better...just enjoying this moment of elation before my baby starts crying for food again. :)