Friday, July 30, 2010

will he need therapy?

How do you apologize to a 2 yr. old?

My husband and I were talking tonight about our son Connor and it kinda hit us...we've given him a bad rep. Everywhere we go its, "Oh Connor is a brat...he's disobedient, he's not a nice kid, he's a treasure." And now, people seem to expect him to be bad whenever he is around. Of course we have our struggles, our moments, our days, our minutes...but he really is a sweet boy. He loves his sister, and Dada, and Mama. He loves to sing "Sunshine Mountain, Jesus Loves Me, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Running Over", (with all the actions). He dances with me and giggles when I tickle him. He could have someone read to him for hours without moving. He loves pointing out every single car, truck or bus we see. (and I mean every one!). He gets crazy excited about his "duice" and treats and when I pray with him at night, he clasps his chubby hands together and says "en" for Amen.
He's the first. My first child, teether, walker and 2 yr. old, and already I've made mistakes with him that I don't care to admit. How is that possible in only 2 years?
This isn't a tribute, or guilt ridden post so much as I just needed someone to know that I'm sorry. I talk with friends about my frustrations and irritations, but I just never thought that would affect how people treat/view him. Everyone needs to vent right? It's human. And in the same way, every mother defends and protects what is hers, so here I go.
If you know us, please be patient. Please allow him to be 2. Please understand that WE do give consequences and that he will understand if he does something wrong. Please let him be a boy. Let him make mistakes. But overall, please don't judge him on something I've said in weakness or annoyance.
He is one of the 3 loves of my life and I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

my resolution - a few months late...

I was recently talking with a friend of mine about weight, love handles and general/overall flabbiness. The joys of woman/mother hood. Isn't it great ladies? I am less concerned with an actual "goal weight" and more concerned with how I feel in the clothes I own. Right now? I don't feel awesome...time for a change. I wish I lived closer to a big city gym where I could attend aerobic and spin classes, because other people motivate me to work out. I exercise daily, but just don't really push myself. (Plus I'm not sure a good brisk walk counts for anything when you come home and proceed to eat cookies, chocolate and chips by the handful.) So I've decided to cut out certain things in my diet. Starting NOW I am fasting from pop, chips and chocolate. (my goal is to go one week at a time and keep adding weeks and see how I do.) And next week I am taking up running.
Now to those that know me best, the thought of me doing any kind of strenuous activity may seem comical...perhaps even impossible, but I am resolved! And you will all be keeping me accountable on this. (even if no one reads it, I will know that I don't want to admit failure and that will spur me forward).
Many of my friends are runners and by that I mean...marathon! I'm at a slow jog/speed walk level, so honestly this should be interesting! I plan to run in the evenings or mornings(fewer people to actually witness this roly poly body swishing this way and that) and I have a jogging buddy who has agreed to come with and help me attain this goal.
I will let you know how it goes!
Regardless of what our goals in life are, isn't it great when you reach them? Such a mixture of pride and accomplishment. Feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction...I'm so looking forward to that!
*On a side note though - what is jogging etiquette? When you work out with a friend is it appropriate to listen to music? Do you have to talk? Do you discuss how many blocks you will go? Hair up or down? Gum or no gum? Water bottles? Is it weird to dress similar? Shorts? Pants? Tank or tee?
Any help on this would be appreciated!