Monday, March 12, 2012

what we've been doing...

This is basically a photo post. Just a catch up on what we are doing and how the kids are growing. :) 

We have been getting warm weather. And so have decided to spend time outdoors as much as we can. 
The kids love it!

Painting the snow!

Bundled babe...
Our Spring Family verse.  

Now to just put it into practice.


  1. You guys are such a sweet family. Looks like everyone is healthy and happy. Best wishes as your beautiful growth continues! xoxo

  2. Kay- u guys just left and I just wanted to say we stayed smiling for quite awhile because you are such a great couple! Really I laugh with no other coup like that ( and I surprisingly catch on to most of Dave's brilliant jokes... Usually I don't get Humour quite fast but I do admire your quick wits;) we had fun and I realized how much I missed you!
    I'm not kidding- you looked stunning. You always do. I wish I had your height;) you are a curvaceous super model. Dave is lucky;)
    Really We would like you guys to pop by anytime. I liked the surprise actually;) truly. Miss our couples chats a lot. I wish I could have sat down with you and heard all of your stories..
    Love you lots;)

  3. Oh Juils says today, "I want that girl over again. She is very laughable. She is full of joy- I like her- she makes me feel happy."