Monday, January 16, 2012

Whats been going on:

  • Malia was 6 mo. on the 12th. Hard to believe so much time has passed since that sweet girl has come into our lives. She is such a blessing and I am so thankful for her each day.
  • Sophie is refusing to potty train. Many attempts. Few successes. More fails. I'm pretty sure this means she is just not ready, but I wish she was. I know I need to be patient and let her do it in her own time, but I'm ready to stop changing her bum. 
  • Connor and I have been doing "school" each day to prepare him for preschool in the fall. We count, spell and recently started doing pattern work and a bit or math(computer game). He is SO ready and I'm very excited to watch him enter a totally new stage. I can't wait for him to come home and tell me all the cool things he did in class. 
  • Dave is loving his job as carpenter, father and husband. He is so amazing with the kids and they are so excited to see him every day when he comes home. He and Connor are reading through the Narnia collection. So sweet for them to have that special time each night. (He and Sophie read too, but nothing quite that long.) 
  • And me, well I would say after baby #3 and 2 moves, I am finally getting into a schedule/rhythm of my own. Laundry, cleaning, chores, quality time with kids, quality time with seems to be coming together a bit more. 
  • Resolutions? I'm challenging myself to pray more and work out every day. (although since working out every day, have recently torn a muscle in my chest - thought I was having a heart attack the pain was so bad - and am currently trying to recover from that. Ouch!). 
And some pictures:

Heading outside!

Christmas Eve Jammies

New Years Eve Superhero Party
Dave was "Office Supply Man", I was "Safety Girl" 
(we were practical superheroes)

My big helpers!


  1. Aw so cute!
    I feel for you - potty training IS frustrating!
    How exciting that Connor is going to school- wow I can't believe it! Time flies!
    I love safety girl- how brilliant.
    Glad things are settling into a routine for you- that is a nice stage.
    Poor you Exercise can suck. I was advised to do only light walking for a few months with Fibromylgia as my muscles are not healing well after work outs. I HATE it. Progress seems so slow and I hurt all the time. I want my old body back! (insert sob)
    Any way- you all look great and healthy and happy:)

  2. Sophie must take after Dave in the potty training area.:) Good thing that Dave wasn't Safety Boy, might have been catastrophic.:) Looks and sounds like things are going well for you guys. Glad to hear that Dave is enjoying his work. My two oldest loved been read "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" with me and they are currently enthralled with "The Hobbit".
    Say hi to Dave. Miss you guys.